Indoor QuadCopter

I am looking to build a quadcopter myself, but an indoor one.

I have a very tight budget of £250 for this project.

Can someone recommend some sort of shopping list for this project? I would like: - a controller - an IMU to tell the position of the quad in space ( - a ping sensor/sonar - potentially GPS

I would love for it to be able to have lots of spare power as I would like to mount a camera in the near future, which can relay data via wifi. I don't know whether this makes any real difference to the controller used.

I know there are pre-made solutions for this already, like the ArduCopter board and what not, but £200 on a board seems quite overkill.

I have put some research into this already, it isn't a quick post to a forum to get someone else to do the hardwork, so I do have an idea of what I need. I would like to see if someone who knows what they are doing it able to come up with a similar shopping list, so I don't end up buying something that either isn't needed, or doesn't work with my solution.

Thanks a lot. Mike

Anyone got any ideas?

Keep in mind that building, testing, and flying an indoor machine can be much more challenging and subject to damages then a larger outdoor model. You have less margin of error from things like furniture, ceilings, etc then you do outdoors. Take it from one who finally mastered learning to fly a small indoor R/C helicopter, there were several early and costly 'accidents' before the learning curve flattened out. Now I have a blast with it. Only time will tell if you will actually save money on a DIY design, build and tested model Vs a proven kit or assembled version, (assuming a small indoor model is available) but I wouldn't bet on it. :(

Good luck and good flying;


I've yet to find an indoor kit I'm afraid. There is a multicopter kit, but they start at $430 and have limited functionality

I’ve yet to find an indoor kit I’m afraid. There is a multicopter kit, but they start at $430 and have limited functionality

This project website might interest you. I don’t think it’s exactly what you are looking for but sounds somewhat close and fairly inexpensive.

You can get cheap parts from HobbyKing, mine was less than $100 total. But I wouldn't fly it indoors until I have many hours of practice. It's easier to fix the frame than a glass window...

Building an aluminum frame!