Infinite Icosahedron.

Still some power issues to solve...but...

This is 270 WS2812b LEDs taped inside a 3D printed frame that I designed in the shape of an icosashedron (20 sided platonic solid).

The solid is built froM 3d printed parts which screw together. The faces are made from half silvered acrylic (aka "one way mirror") so that when externally lit light will be reflected, but when internally lit, the reflections of the LEDS are repeated infinitely between mirrors making it appear bigger on the inside than the outside!

Wiring connections for the LEDs are also bespoke-made by me using copper tape and laminating pockets, the pattern for each contact being cut on a "Silhouette" craft cutting machine.

Challenges have been

  • organising the LEDs into a single string around the shape
  • this number of LEDs presents challenges as the theoretical current draw is around 16A. In practice though nothing overheats or otherwise fails if I use only the Arduino USB BUS port to power it- I've run it constantly for several days without issue, other than the "tail end" LEDS are much dimmer and tend to favour red. Using a 3A external power supply works much better, but this is an area I am continuing to improve, hopefully without having to resort to huge bulky power supplies