Infrasound -sensor

is there any infrasound sensor for arduino?
if not, is there any way to measure infrasounds?

What sort of range of low frequencies are you talking about?
What sort of transducer?
What sort of resolution?
The Arduino doesn't have much memory, remember.

1. What sort of range of low frequencies are you talking about?
2. What sort of transducer?
3. What sort of resolution?

  1. 1Hz -17Hz
  2. I don't know
  3. +-0,2Hz it would be perfect, but admissible resolution is +-0,5Hz

What sort of amplitude?

amplitude of sound wave

Sure there are infrasound sensors, used for studying influence on human life of IS near the coast, for quality control in huge machines etc., but this is all not low cost stuff.
What you might try is to get a huge speaker (12-15 inches) and using it as a dynamic microphone using the right filters. It might (I never tried that with infrasound) work if the levels you want to measure are quite strong, a careful design should lead to something working.

amplitude of sound wave


What sort of amplitude?

What do you mean?

I think this might be interesting:
using these pressure sensors:

@ luzrak04 or anybody else who can help me:

Have you found a solution / been successful?

And if yes, what have you used?

I am also looking for a solution to detect the presence of infrasound (0....20 Hz).

I have earlier already started s similar post under sensors, but no final solution yet.

See here:

Thanks for response.



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