Installing arduino 1.0.1

Hi Everyone
Surely it cant be as convoluted as I read it to be, to install ver 1.01 of Arduino.
First I go the message that I needed JDK ver 1.5.0. I installed ver 6 and that stopped that problem.
Now I get the message
“Can not find the main Program will exit” See attached
What have I done wrong and am I going to have a lot more problems getting ver 1.0.1 installed?
Is there a simple way of installing this software?
Thank you for reading this post
Please help


What OS are you using? Windows, Mac, or Linux. Hard to tell by the popup boxes.

Hi Surfer Tim Windows 7 Regards

Insure you leave the arduino.exe where it is unpacked. If you move the executable, it will throw that error. If you want the Arduino IDE on your desktop, create a shortcut and move the shortcut to your desktop.