Interface R307 fingerprint sensor with Arduino Uno

I bought a R307 fingerprint sensor with 6pins ( 5V, GND, TXD, RXD, Touch Sense, Touch Sense Power 3.3V ) to include authentication in my project. I am new to Arduino Uno and it's programming. I am facing difficulty in interfacing the R307 module to Arduino Uno. I have seen many tutorials and each tutorial showed it in a different way. I have tried them but none of them happened to solve my problem. Please help me with a proper Circuit Diagram and best suited library for it. If not, please suggest me a low cost fingerprint sensor that you know along with some code or links to the tutorials so that I can complete my Academic Project as early as possible.
Thanks in Advance : )

You can change the address of the R307 fingerprint sensor. I you (or any previous owner) changed that address you have to know the new value as the default of 0xffffffff doesn't work anymore. Did you get your R307 from a serious vendor where you can be sure that you got a new device?

I have ordered it on

I have no clue about Indian stores. Are you confident that you got a new one?

Post the code you tried (don't forget the code tags)! Post a wiring diagram of your test setup!

I am facing a lot of trouble with r307 fingerprint sensor with 6 pins out of which I have used only 4 pins. I have connected it and tried to run enroll example from adafruit fingerprint sensor library. I have given my fingerprint two times to enroll but it is getting a msg that fingerprints don't match during template creation. My hands were clean. Is it related to the usage of optical fingerprint sensor in anyway???? Can anyone suggest me a good fingerprint sensor with easy interfacing?? Also should I use any other type of sensor for better performance ??( like capacitive sensors replacing this optical one)

I have given my fingerprint two times to enroll but it is getting a msg that fingerprints don't match during template creation

That means the sensor is connected correctly - the software is communicating with it just fine.

The "fingerprints don't match" is to me a perfectly normal result. I tried three of these sensors and gave up on them. It's not my finger. I tried it with a different sensor (no idea what type; built into some attendance keeping device) which registered my fingerprint just fine. After that double checked with all my other fingers which it correctly rejected.

Thank you. Now, It is working properly. I was asked by one of my faculty to prepare a device for women safety keeping some recent incidents in view. A woman when goes on a deserted road starts the device . The device has to ask for her fingerprint for every 1 min and she has to give her finger which was enrolled previously. If she fails to give her finger for 2 min, then the device will assume that she is in danger and sends her location coordinates(gps) in a text message(gsm) or even a missed call to her family members. I am doing this with Arduino Uno. I know how to work with gsm and gps but I am facing a little difficulty to code the logic for fingerprint. It has to ask for every 1min and should send a message if the finger is not verified for 2 min. Please help me with the code related to timing. I have read about millis() but still I am unable to frame the complete logic.

Try yourself. If you get stuck, post your complete code, we will try to help. We won’t do the programming for you, this is not a free programming service.