Interfacing Digital Multimeter BT-90EPC via USB Host-Shield to Arduino

Hello together,
i have following problem and can't find a solution anywhere in the world wide web:
I have a digital multimeter with an USB port. I outputs data via an Serial to USB converter (PL2303).
On my PC i can decode the serial stream with the Supplier-Software. The protocol is compatible with the voltcraft-vc820 like seen in sigrok and QtDMM and sadly not simply ascii. I have an arduino mega with the USB Hostshield 2.0. There was an arduino library called "pfodMeterPaser" whcih is sadly not available anymore, but

can decode the serial stream of the VC820 and therefore the compatible stream of the BT-90EPC. The problem is the library needs an serial interface for communication and i just have the USB Host Shield connected to the Serial to USB Converter PL2303 connected to the Serial inside the Multimeter. I want to access the int or float number the multimeter sends inside my arduino sketch for further processing. Any ideas or solutions on how to proceed? I hope i gathered all necessary information.
Best regards and thanks or reading :slight_smile: .

PS: I hope this is the right sub-forum

It appears you are on the correct track, good job! A schematic would be nice but not a frizzy thing. You mention the problem is in the “library”. I get books from my closest library, it would help if you told us what library and where to get it and any documentation on it that is available.

thanks for the reply.
The library for decoding Digital Multimeter with non ascii serial messenges is named pfodMeterPaser:

(sadly not available anymore (exception: example), but this GitHub - MakeMagazinDE/VC820_READOUT: Readout eines Voltcraft VC820/VC840 Multimeters mit Optokoppler is also decoding the serial output),sorry for the inconvenience.

This is the QTMM Linux library also supporting the vc 820 (which is compatible to the BT-90EPC):

And this the sigrok linux library
Voltcraft VC-820 - sigrok with detailed serial protocol link:
Multimeter ICs - sigrok

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