Interfacing with GLCD from CCT


Is anyone able to help me connect arduino with this display:

I have tried several combinations similar to an ST7920 but there are some slight pin variations I cannot figure out, like CS1 and CS2 where some display have a PSB on pin 16 is not connected.

Tried using the U8GLIB and U8G2 libraries with no success.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

From your PDF

Controller/Driver: NT7107 and NT7108 or equivalent

So you have a KS0108 style controller. There are several libraries that support KS0108. I would start with U8g2lib.

The ST7920 is a completely different controller.


Many thanks David :slight_smile: managed to get it working with the right controller. Can I ask how you knew that : NT7107 and NT7108 needed KS0108?

Many thanks once again.

You often find that generic parts have similar numbering.

The first letters indicate the manufacturer. The 108 implies a KS0108 style controller.

Think about early logic chips. e.g. MC for Motorola, SN for Texas, ...

KS is Samsung.
NT is Novatech.

But the important trick is to realise that LCD controllers are made by 10-20 big manufacturers and possibly another 50 smaller ones.

Typed from fading memory. You just need to download both the NT7108 datasheet and the KS0108 datasheet. Compare the differences.


Many thanks for educating me :grin:

I found a load of these displays at work ready for the bin, so glad I can use them.

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