IRF530N + LED stripe + arduino

Hello Folks! Been trying to find out what kind of resistors should I use ? Found 2 pictures. My Arduino is powered via USB, so I need IRF530N to control voltage from another DC for LED’s. Pic one is right?


First off you need a logic level FET like the IRFL540, it is is a common mistake beginners make because of the incorrect FET supply in some starter kits.
Then the 10K resistor needs to be on the Arduino’s output not where you have it in the FET’s gate.

If you have a motor you need a reverse biased diode across it, that is cathode to the +Ve to prevent high flyback voltages being generated.

But how is this working? Isn't it almost the same mosfet?

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couldn't find IRFL540

So I need a thing like this ? XL4016

But how is this working?

Quite simply it is not working properly. It might possible function poorly at low currents but there is no way it can work at more significant currents, it will over heat because it is not turned on fully.

So I need a thing like this ?

No that is a step down or buck regulator, a totally different thing.

it will over heat because it is not turned on fully.

It opens on 5v fully. So if I will use this mosfet as switch (simply on-off) this should work?

Look at the data sheet, look at the on resistance called Ron, look at the test conditions for this parameter you will see that the figure quoted is only actually achieved with a gate voltage of 10V.
The threshold voltage, the point where beginner’s mistakenly think the FET turns on is the point below which the FET is fully off.

couldn't find IRFL540

Typo. He meant IRL540.

Ok for just getting your circuit tested. It will with with either the 100 or 1k from the pin. Please get a logic level MOSFET for future projects. It will turn on but not fully with almost 5v on the gate.