Is my Breadboard Arduino Set up Correctly?

Hey Guys,

So I just recently purchased an Arduino Uno Bootloader breadboard kit; I am a complete novice at programming & electronics and just learning as I go on. I’m having some problems with it though :~

I have it set up at the minute for manual reset, but I’m not so sure about auto reset with my USB to RS232! How exactly is the circuit completed? In the manufacturer instructions they say to connect the DTR (Pink wire, which I soldered on) to a 100uf capacitor and then to pin 1 but i don’t completely understand the schematic. Where does the 100uf capacitor go? and what about polarity?

Also when I connect my Arduino (manual reset) to my PC and try to upload sketch I keep getting an error (see below). My COM port has been selected, Arduino-Uno has been selected & drivers are up to date and have tried all the reset switch intervals! My led flashes with the default sketch that came on the Atmega328, so it is running. But no joy with uploading new sketch.

Would really appreciate if someone could help out as I have been at it for a quite wile now. As I said earlier, please bear in mind that I’m still a beginner when explaining schematics or terminology. Thanks so much!

Your last drawing looks correct for DTR - as long as you are using 100nF/0.1uF and not 100uF as your text describes.
You also need to swap Rx & Tx: CP2102 Tx goes to '328 Rx, and Rx to Tx.