is this capacitor?

Hi All, for second time I came across this symbol and don't quite sure what it means, is this capacitor?


yes, but the symbol is not a capacitor symbol
I suspect a lazy designer, who first forgot the cap, draw the earth symbol, then added the cap like that instead of erasing and redrawing

Yes, it is a cap and yes, that symbol is used to denote a capacitor.

ok, my mistake about the symbol...
never seen that symbol for a capacitor ....

a google search later.... found it here :wink:
still wondering why there are these lines inside :grin:

It seems to be the symbol for a piezo element. However (high value) ceramic capacitors are made from the
same stuff, so maybe its a way of saying ceramic capacitor?

Let's actually see it. a833f4335e74d2f246aa3602a2cf575577627501.jpg
OK, that appears to be a symbol (old?) denoting an electrolytic capacitor - except that the plus sign is missing.

Great, thanks everyone.

The nice thing about standards is there are so many to choose from :frowning:

Lets just call it a two-terminal device!

It also seems to be the way all capacitors are drawn if the author is from Japan.