Issue With Capacitive Buttons with the MKR Carrier

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I'm super new here, as I have just started my journey to learn more about the world of Arduino. I decided a great way to jump in was to buy an educational kit. I picked up the Explore IoT kit and I've already ran into a perplexing problem. My button 0 on my mkr carrier doesnt want to work in any sketches (mine or example). BUT, when I run the Touch_Signals sketch and check the serial plotter...i DO see a signal when touching button 0? WTF is going on? Please help :exploding_head:

I have the same problem. Button 0 doesn't simply work.

Take a look at:


Unfortunately those pages don't tell much what to do, when the device doesn't act correctly. The pages say like:
" If this test succeeds, you can try calibrating the buttons instead."
... but don't explain what a succeded test look like. Or what a failed test look like.

"Change the values of the two variables below to calibrate the button sensitivity."
But exactly what should one do? Raise the value? Or lower it? Right now the button is irresponsive at the lowest value as well as at the highest value. Are there values inbetween that might work?

I guess the button is busted. I have to use another button instead. I got the device for free, so no big loss there. But since the OP had a similar problem, and the MKR IoT Carrier really is a marvelous thing, it would be nice to get this problem sorted. In case it's a failure in hardware design. What I haven't done is using another Arduino. Right now I have a MKR1000, but I have a MKR Wifi 1010 somewhere, which I could test. A capacitive touch button is very sensitive, right? And without a covering case, me holding the device in my palm and touching the buttons with my other hand (and temperature being around 30 C), small details might matter.

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