MKR WIFI 1010 IoT Carrier Buttons not working correctly

So I am having an issue getting all the buttons to work on the MKR WIFI 1010 board. I have an older IoT Carrier with the square screen. When I was using this in February of this year, all the buttons on the carrier case worked fine with no issues. Now Button 0 and Button 3 do not work at all.

I followed the instructions posted here:
and here:

The solutions on both these threads just say look at the debug and then calibrate. This does not solve my issue. When I look at the debug on the serial plotter I get these bizarre results.

I have run the calibration - if I set the buttons to their most sensitive (a value of 3), it does not work. This is strange because it used to work, it seems the updated libraries are driving the board differently. Everything else on the board seems to work save the buttons. The buttons do seem to work with the case off.

I am having the same issue with the case on. Have not tried calibration or debug yet, but this appears to be a common issue that no one has replied back that they fixed the buttons. Very disappointed with the Opla purchase so far.

I just tried debugging and calibration. My buttons are not working.

Hello, please check the detail from the Docs page as there were some changes made to the Buttons. Also, make sure that you are using the latest version of the library.

@jojo That is not helpful. I have all the libraries up to date. Frankly all the buttons worked fine when I used the older libraries 9 months ago (because the only were older libraries). I have the new code correct this is why some of the buttons to work with the case on. I can get all the buttons to work intermittently with the case off. If it was coded wrong, this would not be the case.

This doesn't explain what I am seeing on the serial plot of the buttons especially with button 1. I am seeing exactly what in the other posts, I am using the updated code on all the buttons (hence some of the buttons work). It seems people started complaining about this in Feb and March of last year, likely some bug or issue was introduced around that time. That or there is an issue with the hardware and the board somehow degrades.

I am using the library available to IoT Cloud users and the example given for a personal weather station. The only change I did to your code is the following line:

@riddleinc CARRIER_CASE = true; That is already in my code and has been. If you read what I posted, I set the sensitive to be strong at 3. Neither of these item work. As I mentioned above 3 of the buttons work and 2 do not. This is with CARRIER_CASE = true;. That answer still desn't explain the odd serial debug results.

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