IT IS HERE! Use Arduino as a disk drive

here's something you've never seen before? - an arduino board that shows up as a disk drive, so you can drag and drop files that are stored on SD or SPI Flash over the USB connection. makes transferring assets like audio files, fonts, images, gifs, datalogs, etc as well as configuration scripts SUPER EASY! install the SAMD 1.5.0 board support package with TinyUSB stack support and the the example code here:

and video!

works with: SAMD21 and SAMD51 boards (also nordic's NRF52840).

Very cool. Thanks adafruit!

install the SAMD 1.5.0 board support package

Just to be clear, you are referring to Adafruit SAMD Boards 1.5.0, which can be installed via Boards Manager following these instructions:

and this functionality is currently only available for the Adafruit SAMD Boards.

Wait a second.. I been wanting (dying for) this for a long time now! Not being very fluent in all the chip numbers etc. Would this work on a teensy?

-jim lee