Joystick Library Rotary Encoder Steering

I'm building a steering wheel with the Arduino Leonardo and a rotary encoder using the joystick Library by MHeironimus.
I used the code I found here: Arduino Gaming Steering Wheel -
And if I testet it under "Arduino Leonardo properties" in Windows 10 it worked but it did not ingame (Farming Simulator 19). So I found in a youtube video (Windows 10- Steering Wheel, Logitech G29 Calibration & Centering Issue Fix - YouTube by 2:00 min) that it is a wheel axis.
So my question is what I need to write here


that it will be the wheel axis (and hopefully work)?

Well you posted a link to the code that you are using and some info about how to fix a calibration-issue.

Your otherwise very short posts lets assume me that you have no knowledge about coding
and that you expect the other users here to write down five lines of code that will make it work.

It is very unlikely that it will work with posting 5 lines of code.
It will require

  • analysing the code,
  • knowledge about how emulating a joystick in this case works

nobody answered because the
ratio of
your work / your potential helpers work

is dis-balanced too much

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