JSN-SR04T ultrasonic distance sensor types


I want to measure water level inside 5 meter tank using JSN-SR04T sensor, I already implement solution using Arduino NANO ship, when I started to check the range of measurements it is only 20-250 cm, there are many types of SR04T sensors, All data sheets listed that range is 20-600cm

I am using below type

I have photos for other types but I can’t upload in the topic as I am new member

My question is : Does any one uses this sensor can advise me which sensor I should use??

Perhaps your program sets the "time-out" period too short, but only you can see the program.


Thanks for reply :pray:

I am using the Newping library, could you please clarify the suggested time out for this sensor??

What are you using right now? Do the math. How many microseconds will a sound pulse take to travel 600cm and back at the temperature and humidity of the environment?

Yes you are right

Some calculations should be done to adjust timing, I will review data sheet and Arduino functions and try again

I will send results with code here again

As I can’t get the range I want (5meter) from the sensor SR04M-v2, I purchase another two sensors one is JSN-SR04TV2.0 made by WAVGAT and the second is JSN-SR04TV3.0

I want to compare the SR04T ultrasonic sensor types as I said before I found many types also I want to get 5 meter range. I do my little try with the below Arduino sketch
ThreeSensorsTesting.ino (3.3 KB)
The three sensors (JSN-ST04TV3.0, WAVGAT and SR04M-v2) are connected to one NANO chip, from my many tries with different codes I found that the most suitable code for any of them by using NewPing library by tem .

The results were as following:

1- Range from 0 to 300cm, three sensors are working good.

2- more than 300 cm SR04M-v2 gives up and the other two sensors working good.

3- more than 480 cm all sensors give up and measured distance is 0 cm.

From previous points I can said that SR04M-v2 has limited range up to 300cm, Also all SR04T sensors have range from 22cm to 480cm.

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