Just got my first starter kit. It's fun.

Hello everyone! I'm new to programming world.

As Arduino curious, I purchased a starter kit. For a beginner, the starter kit is pretty complete and has everything I need to start my journey. So far, I've done several simple projects under the guidance of the tutorial

The kit I bought is sainsmart leonardo r3+mpu6050 sensor starter kit, The kit has more than 16 projects for the beginners. This Kit has a complete set of Arduino's most common and useful electronic components. The picture of it:

When I got my kit, I had no idea on how to use it. But later I found a useful tutorial available on the website:http://www.sainsmart.com/starter-kits/sainsmart-leonardo-r3-mpu6050-sensor-starter-kit-with-basic-arduino-projects.html, It includes project introduction and complete arduino project source codes.

I'm so lucky because this is my first starter kit but a nice and inexpensive one to get started with arduino projects and has a good variety of components.I think sainsmart's starter kit is good choice for beginner programmer.It website has plenty of good resources such as forum and tutorials.

If you are also new to arduino and look for a basic starter kit that includes everything you need to start learning, I think this one I bought is a good choice.

Can't wait doing more new arduino projects!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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What was your first project?