KY-038 Sound Sensor readings are not being outputted properly

I have researched this for quite sometime now, used a couple of codes and setups linked below but can't seem to get the desired result. So what's happening is when the code is uploaded as well as the exact same setup of the sensor writing to the Arduino LED on pin 13, the sensor doesn't output anything despite my earnest attempts of clapping. Following one of the tutorials below, it suggested to tweak the potentiometer until the 'LED2' starts flickering. So I have it set on that, and notice that when I clap loudly the LED2 on the sensor flickers on however the Arduino LED (or an external LED with a resistor attached to its anode on a breadboard does not). The Arduino LED / external LED however very rarely responds to my claps whereas LED2 seems to always be responsive. I can assure you my wiring is the same as the links below and heres a pseudo list just in case:

Sensor's D0 ----> Arduino Pin 3
Sensor's A0 ----> Arduino Pin A0
Sensor's V+ ----> Arduino 5V
Sensor's GND ----> Arduino GND

Arduino Pin 13 (onboard LED)
(Arduino Pin 7 ----> external LED)

Please help. Did I say something wrong?