KY-040 Rotary encoder

I want to ask about the rotary encoder sensor ky-040, as we know that sensor have a D-shape shaft to rotate it manually.

Can i attach that shaft to a motor dc back shaft?
I had try to connect that shaft using a coupler. But when i start rotating the motor dc, the encoder shaft turn as well but the encoder became hot. It is because the friction?

Anyone know how fast can i turn that ky-040 rotary encoder sensor?
Any idea to attach a motor dc with a rotary encoder?

Thank you.

Rotary Encoder.pdf (849 KB)

Those encoders are made to be turned by human hand. They have plain unlubricated bearings and mechanical switches. Totally unsuited for connection to a motor.

Attaching an encoder to a motor can be challenging and expensive. My suggestion is to find a motor that suits your needs that has a built in encoder. A Google search for "dc motor with encoder" might turn up what you want.