L298N - Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver - no voltage going to the motor

Hi guys,

I bought one of these boards with a L298N chip on it


I've hooked up 8 x AA 1.5v batteries to the +12v input port

the ground port goes back to my batteries

pins 7 & 8 on my arduino are connected to IN1 & IN2

OUT1 and OUT2 are connected to my motor

this is the motor i'm trying to power:


this is my code:

void setup() {
  pinMode(7, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(8, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  digitalWrite(7, HIGH); 
  digitalWrite(8, LOW); 

but my motor doesn't turn! or do anything

the red light on the L298N board shows it has power and I have tested both my batteries and output pins to show that voltages are being sent.

when i test OUT1 and OUT2 no voltage it showing.

I thought it was a duff board so I bought a new one (slightly different):

but it does exactly the same thing, so i'm thinking it must be me :slight_smile:

I've tried different motors too!

someone please help me before I go mad!

hey, I have the same motor driver. Do you check the ground ? If you use a different power source to power arduino and a different power source to power L298N you have to have COMMON ground. But ONLY ground.

thanks Gspir!

you're a genius!

I connected the L298N board back to the ground on my battery and then added another cable from the ground on my battery back to the ground on the Arduino and it worked!!!

many thanks for your help!!


hello, my also same problem motor not working I tried with another cable technique still same problem,..

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Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile:

I'm using the l298n motor driver for my sensor based car
the sensor is working but the motor is not rotating when I check
the voltage at out1 and out2 it is zero then I had used to power source one connected Arduino and another to l298
still not working

You will be better off if you start a completely new thread of your own, rather than revive old ones.

Tom... :slight_smile:

I am encountering the same problem, also I tried (https://youtu.be/_TEZ2-3H0GY) mentioned way to test the l298n motor driver which I bought from robotbanao.com.Niether the mentioned way is working or with arduino uno. Please help me I have my project to be submitted by 20th february

Better if you start your own thread.