L298N Motor Driver overheating with 17HS4401 Stepper Motor

Hello friends

I'm using an L298N Motor Driver with a 17HS4401 Stepper Motor, supplying 12V in and after a few seconds the motor driver becomes extremely hot.

Is 12V too much for this motor driver? Do I need to use a different motor driver?

Thanks in advance!

Please post a link to the datasheet for your stepper motor.

An L298 is a poor choice for driving a stepper motor.

Have a look at these links
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Here is the datasheet:

Also if the L298N wouldn't work, would the Polulu A4988 suffice?

The ancient and inefficient L298 is terrible in comparison with the modern drivers and is not at all suitable for modern steppers.

The specs that I found for that motor (your data sheet would not load) indicates the coil current of 1.7A which is a bit much for an A4498 unless you use a heat sink and fan cooling or run the motor at reduced coil current.

A DRV8825 can handle about 0.5A coil current more than an A4988 before more cooling is required.

A TB6600 drivers may be overkill at 4A max current.

With any of those drivers is is critical to set the coil current (Pololu has good instructions for setting the A4988 and DRV6625) before using the drivers with the motor.