L298N motor driver part for fritzing

Dear All, does anyone have the part for using L298N motor driver in Fritzing? Could you send me the file?

thank you


Did you try Google?

Here's one result, 3rd entry down.

Dear JimboZA,
yes I tried with google, and also I found that file, but the pictures on fritzing is like the attache “cattura”.
I need the object like the file L298N attached.

Thank you




Then you should have told about the exact product name, and that you're talking about a board. What board do you have ? Is it exactly the same as shown in that picture you showed ?

Yes, it's exactly the picture one...


Ponte H L298N - ROB-00005


here's the link:


Into Arduno forum there's a guy that post this picture: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=245513.0

Already contacted but, any reply...

That product is offered through a local SparkFun dealer, and has a product code that might be from SparkFun. But it is unknown on the SparkFun site, not offered now, and not in their retired products database.

That doesn't mean that it has never been offered through SparkFun, but if it was it has long been gone. SparkFun has very good support and might have had this file for you to download, but it can't be found over there. The local SparkFun dealer also does Adafruit and it's likely they will offer other products too, but as my don't speak the language i can't really explore that site. There's a lot of other brands that are selling this or very similar boards on Amazon and E-bay, but those companies usually don't know of a word like "support", or what that means.

So let's hope someone visiting this forum will be able to help you with your Fritzing file.

It might be best in this instance to learn how create your own part for importing. It's a somewhat involved process, but not overly complex, provided you know how to use a vector art program (like inkscape or similar). I believe you also need to create an xml file or something of that nature as well.


Once you've created it, post it up on github or somewhere, then tell us about it so that others can benefit from it.

With that all said, @fabiosiggi is there a compelling reason to use Fritzing?

Eagle and Express don't provide the photograph-like pictures admittedly, but do schematics and PCBs. I've been using both recently: Express makes it simple to create new custom components.

thank you, I alredy saw how to create a custom one, but the circuit is short...so is faster to use a "ready to use " board instead of build a new PCB...