l298n motor driver problem

i got this motor driver l298n from www.onlinetps.com..now i have a feeling its shady
and this is what i did
i connected pin 9 on the board to pin 6 on the motor driver.. since i figured it was suppose to be an enable pin
i connected pin 8 on the board to pin 5 on the motor driver
i connected pin 7 on the board to pin 7 on the motor driver..since i figured it wasn't much difference either way unless i keep one high one low
i connected the gnd pin (next to pin 13) on the board to pin 8 on the motor driver..since the motor driver apparently has a pin for it and in my understanding i need to have common gnd
i gave a 12 V supply to board
i gave 9V supply to motor driver
i connected a dc motor to the output pins labelled motor2
i waited for the motor to turn either way..needless to say it did not
i don't know what is wrong..
i really really need some help figuring it out..
fortunately-unfortunately the entire project deals with driving 7 motors..not being able to drive any means a dead end
i have made a tester out of a led connected to a 220 ohm resistor
it tells me that pin 9 and 7 of the board are HIGH while 8 is LOW which in turn make the pin 6 and 7 of the motor driver HIGH and 5 LOW but it all becomes real messy once i reach the ic as nothing else is seemigly HIGH though in my understanding it should forward these values to the motor output pins

int enablePin = 9;
int motorPin1 = 7;
int motorPin2 = 8;
int ledPin = 13;
void setup()
pinMode(9, OUTPUT);
pinMode(7, OUTPUT);
pinMode(8, OUTPUT);
pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(enablePin, HIGH);
void loop()
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
analogWrite(enablePin, 255);
digitalWrite(motorPin1, HIGH);
digitalWrite(motorPin2, LOW);
digitalWrite(motorPin1, LOW);
digitalWrite(motorPin2, LOW);
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);

You don't seem to be following the pinout off the board AFAICT - this page describes the connector pinout I believe:


Or do you mean another board?

you are right there
i am definitely not following it
it seems to be the same board minus the current sensing feature..since it has a shorting wire(it is mentioned so on the page you suggested)
basically it has the same 10 pin pin-out block
i'm gonna try the connections right now
i hope it works
i'll update the progress
Thanks a lot

the status is
it did not work
i made the connections correspondingly..but to no avail
alternatively though
in my initial connections connecting a +5V pin from arduino to pin 6 of the l298n made the led on motor driver glow
some crazy screw up
i still need help figuring it out

Your initial hookup was quite jumbled. How is it connected now? The dual H-bridge board has the inputs paired on either side of each enable. That is, Inputs 1 and 2 go with Enable A for Motor 1, Inputs 3 and 4 go with Enable B for Motor 2.

If your motor is connected to Motor 2, you should have your Arduiino outputs connected to Motor Driver pins as follows: 9 to 4, 7 and 8 to 3 and 5 (or 5 and 3, no difference. You MUST have the grounds on the motor driver and Arduino connected. Also, I noticed that your code would run the motor at full speed for ten seconds, then try to reverse the direction without slowing or stopping. This is asking for trouble. You should take the enablePin low, change 7 and 8, then take enablePin high again, then take it low again at the end of your loop.

i am so sorry for being back after so long
fried the arduino…god knows how…got a new one…started all over again…and last night 12 ‘o’ clock it finally started working…
i’ll tell you how
problem with my piece of motor driver board was that its pin-out was a jumble
i hope the attachments get posted else what i am saying will be a jumble too
i have marked the first pin of the l298 and the pin out box on the picture to make it understandable
i am sorry if the pic is of bad quality…just took it with my phone and i was dead sleepy
back to the point of how
first off i traced each pin in the pin out box to determine which pin from the l298 is it connected to it…once that was done i went to l298 datasheet to figure what each pin in the l298 does
simple mapping gave me which pin in the 10 pin out box does what
i connected the pins to pins on the arduino board giving enable - pmw pins and data - digital pins… and it worked
i was doing the same exercise even before i posted on the forum
where i went wrong was
first at deciphering where each pin is going from the pin out box to l298
second i wasn’t giving it a common ground
third i wasn’t giving it 5V to run logic on the board just 9V to run motors
well this proves at least the hardware is fine… future hitches will be attributed to human error
thank you so much for bearing with me yet helping me out

Can any one help me wth my l298n motor driver
I have tried alot of things but the motors is not running but the LEDS of the board is running .