Labview drivers for Arduino

Labview drivers for Arduino…

Where can i get it? anyone tried it?

Can't help sorry, but liked the video.

The last words were the best. "Do we know about the Arduino? Yes we do, there everywhere."


You only need the usual VISA stuff for serial port access. The rest is pretty simple.

I have some labview 7 code somewhere that I used to talk to an arduino board. It was used to poll a few sensors on a stepper motor stage. Labview sends a single letter to query the board and gets back the current counter value for each sensor.

I’ve attached a zip with the labview code and the arduino’s firmware. It uses a now obsolete library to talk to a MAX7221. You can throw that one out, as it’s only for a display and not needed for the serial stuff. You’ll get the idea how to get going.

The ‘tester’ .vi is used as a stand alone, whereas the other .vi is basically the same, but integrates easier with others as a sub-vi.

Now you only need a demo version of labview… Maybe National Instruments still offer that. I have a book named ‘LabView for Everyone’ that came with a demo I think. Quite a few years old though. But the basic serial I/O using the VISA stuff is pretty basic and should work. It was in version 5.1 as well, and that is well… stone age :wink:

This is the back panel spaghetti code: (114 KB)

do you know which are the drivers needed to the comunication labview<->arduino with usb and not with serial?

But the arduino uses serial - by means of an USB<–>serial converter chip. Just install the arduino as per the default instruction so it works with the IDE. This either requires the FTDI drivers (for older boards) or the .inf file for the arduino uni.

Then to talk to the main processor (ATmega328), just use the virtual serial port in labview. You can access it with the VISA blocks.