Laser Ranging Sensor (VL53L0X)

I was searching for a Laser Ranging Sensor (VL53L0X) on ebay and found 2 similar sensors a GY-VL53L0XV2 and a CJMCU VL53L0X. The only difference I could find was that the CJMCU VL53L0X had 8 pins and the other one had 6. I just wanted to know which one you think is better? There is also a VL53L0X which is not V2, but I think the V2 is better.



Hello Tzoga,

It seems that the CJMCU has more function, which you may not need if you only need to read a distance.

I bought both, but unfortunately only the GYVL53L0X is working. The precision is about 12mm I'm trying to read 5 or 10 measurements, and show the average value.

Good luck :-)