LCD Arduino issues

New Arduino user here! I’m trying to get my LCD to display correctly. I am getting text to display, but it seems as if each character row/column is off by 1. The top of my text is cut off (Screenshot should be showing “TESTING” along with the seconds below. Notice how the top of the text is cut off on TESTING and how the letters appear to be jumbled together? Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Do I have a bad display?

I’m using an Arduino Uno and followed this tutorial for the wiring:



Looks like a bad LCD to me.

I don't see any way either your software or your connections could be causing this sort of behaviour. It looks like it might be a problem with the connections between the on-board HD44780U controller and the LCD screen. Is the message broken exactly the same way each time?

this is real a bad lcd :frowning:
you may try the following:
get it connected and let it display something on all x,y positions.

Then take it in both hands and SLOWLY!!! press the bezel on the pcb.
if that doesnt work, try the opposite: try to pull the bezel also SLOWLY!!! from the pcb.

If one or the others makes a different (means: better results) you canopen all the clambs on the backside of the pcb (they holds the bezel in place).
So, loosen or tigthen it a little bit (depending from the results of the test).

After you make that, gimme a feedback so we can go further if needed.

Explanation: the glass of the lcd lays on the top and the bottom on a kind of "rubber" in which electrical lines are integrated to lead the signals from trhe pcb to the contacts of the lcd glass.
these "rubbers" are sometime not exactly positioned, mostly from to tight or to loose bezels :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

OK, I have tried what you guys suggested and nothing helped. It actually only got worse :slight_smile:

I will be returning the LCD for another. Thanks a lot!

I will be returning the LCD for another. Thanks a lot!

I would suggest resoldering the pins on your LCD first.


Are you using the serial monitor in your program? It looks like you use the RX/TX pins as connections to the display.

Resoldering does not have any effect because the data connection is correct.

As you can see, the controller displays all the chars correctly (data based, line based).

Only some pixel rows(columns are damaged - thats always a sign for a damaged controller (mostly it got too hot in case of wrong wiring :~ ) or (see what i've written before).

So, as it is new - return it and got a new one $)

I got my new LCD screen in and all is good.

Thanks for all of the help :slight_smile:

Thx for the feedback - so the lcd was damaged as i described. 8)

I got my new LCD screen in and all is good.

Thanks for all of the help :slight_smile:

Did you get a refund?