LED backlit house numerals project idea

I have another LED lighting idea rattling around in my head. I did a mockup of how the LED strip lighting might look on our (under construction) house exterior. I have this idea to put in some "floating" house numerals (which are common enough) but backlit, I figure with LED rope lights (strips are not going to give you the same curvature of the number).

I'm not sure of how to secure it to the house, as this is vinyl siding which is going to be tricky to drill through and even trickier to get it level, flat and aligned. I may break down and mount it to some kind of backplate, but this will detract from the lighting effect, if you can see the plate.

I have plans to tie this to the home automation system, so that the lights can flash upon intrusion/panic, and even pulse or change colors for the pizza delivery driver.

This is probably a project for 2021 but I could use advice if you've done something like this before. I may just have to bone up on my drilling and handyman skills, to get it mounted to the house straight through the siding.

The large metal numbers are available on the internet, but I may need to find a source to make a specific size or font.

|500x272 |500x463

Pretty cool, I have kicked around similar but using clear acrylic numbers. I found these guys who will make you whatever you want.


I was going to have the address made in maybe a Calligrapher font. Make a stencil outline of the numbers and then machine out to lay the LEDs in a wood board with a nice dark stain. Actually could be worked out pretty cool. They will make the numbers any size and color you want and your choice of fonts.

Then it's just a matter of fade in, fade out and color schemes. Thought it would be a nice touch. :)