Led coffe table  arduino based!

Hello again !

Can be made with arduino an Led coffe table like here ?

It si made by http://evilmadscience.com/majors/46-tables

Thank you

Yes, something like this could be made with an Arduino.

However, EMS’ table units are entirely analog, no digital logic at all. I find that quite impressive and attractive, personally.

I know is analogic ! Some LM 324 and other stuiff are used to make the boards.
Here I found some schematics but not working.

Here I have seen something with attiny

I do not hnow what code does write in the avr.

I have asked the author but no answer.

Hello guys!

Can someone help me to build something like led coffee table but with arduino ? I have tried to figure out how to sense an IR beam and make the arduino fade two of his analog output alternately .

Thank you

Cool idea!