LED does not light up, values in serial monitor is illogical

Tried Using an FSR | Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) | Adafruit Learning System tutorial on LED connection to an arduino nano after a recommendation from someone.

With pressure, the LED does not light up. The values printed in serial monitor fluctuate about and do not make sense (i.e show 200-400 with 0 pressure applied)

Attached are the images of the setup and the values we got on the serial monitor.

Please don't post your code and serial monitor output as a picture. Copy & paste them onto your post between code tags.

Can't really see all the connections in your second picture. Please post a schematic, hand dawn is ok.

The blue wire on the right of the picture may be in the wrong hole.

You have wired up the force sensor wrong and the analogue input is floating. A floating input can read anything because it is picking up interference.