LED Matrix in an Oak/Maple Case

I built a wooden case for one of the charlie-plexed LED matrix boards I make. The LED matrix connects to a '328 based board and I used the Arduino tools to program it.

The case is made from reclaimed wood. The Maple was from my front yard, the Oak from my back yard and the Mahogany plug (that covers up my drilling error ;) is from a dumpster.

Information about the boards and drill templates I used is at -- http://wiblocks.luciani.org/PICO/PICO1TR-LED-L-index.html

(* jcl *)

awesome case

Do you have a video of it in action?


There is a video at http://wiblocks.luciani.org/docs/app-notes/pico-led-drill.html (scroll down towards the bottom).

(* jcl *)