LED strip true waterproofing

Hello All,

I have used "waterproof" led strips off of eBay and amazon such as (eBay Link), they do work for the most part but are bad for being submersed or exposed to very wet conditions. I was thinking of putting the strip into some aquarium style tubing such as this (Home Depot Link) and simply sealing off the ends with some wax or thick glue. The only thing I am worried about is heat build up as some strips use around 3 amps for 15 feet, which can get quite warm to the touch. So the real question here is, Do you guys think it would be okay to just leave air in the tube? Could I possibly fill up the tubing with mineral oil or some similar substance? is there a better way to make these strips submersible?

Thank you guys for your help!


you linked to ip65 strips. they are not weathe proof, only splash proof.


you want ip68

If you are supplying 5 v., 3 A. for 15 feet of led's, that's only 1 watt dissipation per foot. If additionally, you intend to operate this underwater, I don't think heating could become much of a problem. How hot do the individual LED's get in the strip? I've played with neopixels, and never noticed any unusual heating.

Thank you guys for your comments, The strip is rated at 12 volts versus 5, so a little more heat, I am not too much concerned when they are submersed but instead when they are not. The application for the LEDs may make them underwater at some points or in open air for other points. Also thank you guys for those links.