Limit switchs on grbl v 9

If I was to add limit switches to my diy Cnc using pins 9,10,11 and 330 ohm resistors is there any thing else I need to do. All I want them to do is shut off the motor if they are closed.
Do I wire them up Nc or No. it's just a protection circuit from machine damage


Contacts (old, dirty) can fail when closing, so better to use a normally closed contact for a limit switch.

330ohm pull up is ok, but rather low.
1-10k should be fine.

Thanks Leo one more question (maybe)
Do I just wire it up with a resistor between signal pin and switch then to ground

Is there any adjustments needed to grbl


It is safer to use a pull up resistor (between 5volt and pin), and the switch between pin and ground.
No direct 5volt on the wiring that could short out to ground.

With a normally closed contact, you now have a normally LOW on the pin, and a HIGH when the limit is reached.