Line follower

Hi, I'm new here and i have a problem with my project. I'm not sure if i done it right or what is wrong.
My first project with arduino is a basic line follower with:
-Arduino nano ATmega328P
-2 DC motors
-Driver module L298N
-3 IR sensors
-and 4 AA battery 1.5 V
The robot follows the line but the motors are very slow and barely move, sometime make a sound like a whistle and that's it!
I'm not sure if I use the right battery for my project or the circuit diagram is wrong, i really don't get it!

PS: I'm sorry if this a repost, but i didn't found something similar.

or the circuit diagram is

n't here.

This is the diagram, i hope you can understand something!

What battery are you using? - it sounds as if it might be inadequate. Motors take quite a lot of power.

Perhaps you could give us data on the motors as well to help us help you.


This is the data i have for the motors(i bought them with a wheel and they have reduction):

Wheel diameter: 65mm;
Engine reduction: 1:48;
Motor power supply voltage: 3V - 6V DC;
Torque: 0.8 kg * cm;
RPM: 3V: 125 rpm, 5V: 200 rpm, 6V: 230 rpm;
Current: 3V: 60mA, 5V: 100mA, 6V: 120mA.