List of all Integrated Circuits

Hello, does anyone know any source of knoledge(site,book,pdf etc.) to learn about ICs? I am searching something like a big list with IC's names and simple descriptions.

I am sorry if there is any similar post about Integrated Circuit in general but I didn't find any.

Best way to go is to do a Google search for the name of the IC you're interested in with the term "datasheet" added. The datasheet will have a simple description on the first page, and then tons more information follows.

If you want to know how to use the particular IC with an Arduino, you can use the search term "arduino" instead of "datasheet". However, if you don't find any good search results for that query, don't assume it means you can't use it with Arduino, it just means nobody wrote a tutorial for it. An Arduino is just a PCB with a microcontroller on it and the world of electronics is much bigger than Arduino.

I just looked at the Digi-key web site,Digi-key and did a search for "ic".

A count of 7,184,180 was returned. The list began with an internal search listing names of type of ics.

So, do the same search and begin to study the types of ics available. If anyone even tried to make a list or book of all the ics, they would discover when they finished, there are now 1,000 new ones. And these are not custom devices.


Such books are no longer published as a collection, today you will find only individual datasheets for each IC published as a pdf document. The DigiKey website is an excellent source of information for current devices, the web has most of the obsolete parts.

Beginning with the large scale use of digital and analog integragrated circuits beginning in the 1970’s, the manufacturers of such devices would publish “databooks” which were collections of datasheets for every chip they made when the book was published. The big semi houses like TI, Signetics, Fairchild and the like would update the books each year. By the 1990’s a collection of all the different databooks of National Semiconductor would fill more than a meter of shelf space.

A great place to look would be you local library as many maintain these volumes as historical records. Another series of books you might find in a library are very informative for someone starting out in the hobby. These are the “cookbook” series by Don Lancaster. While they now all deal with obsolete parts but the concepts are the same and the parts all have current, modern replacements. The book series include the “TTL Cookbook”, “CMOS Cookbook” and the “Linear Cookbook”.

There are definitely listings of "series" of logic chips (for example, the 74-series logic chips), and lists of common ic's - but an all-encompasing list would be unmanageably long.

I've often wished there were lists of "chips that might be useful for intermediate-to-advanced electronics hobbyists" as a way to get ideas of what is possible and what parts I might want to look into keeping on hand (I keep a stock of parts I might want, so I can just go build it when I get an idea, since I may have lost interest by the time they arrive if I have to order them) - but I haven't found any if they exist.


My list here is a little dated but hopefully useful:

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