Lite-On LTM-8328PKR-04 4x7 LED segments display library for Arduino

Hi, I'm new to the Arduino world and I just made a Lite-On LTM-8328PKR-04 4x7 LED segments display library. Maybe it can be usefull to somebody else finding one in a junk bag :P datasheet: library:

Any comment appreciated.

Certainly looks good, does it support custom characters? Also, any good places to pick these modules up?

My lib doesn't support custom characters but that would be easy to implement as each segment is controlled individually. I don't know where to get them as I only found one in a junk bag.

I really quite want one, I have been looking for one of these sort of things for a while as an easy way to display a menu on a DMX light i am building. Thankyou for bringing it up.