Load Cell and Stepper Motor

Hello, everyone.

I am wanting to build a small project that will involve a load cell, Hx711, mega board and a stepper motor. Not sure if it is possible with Arduino.

What I would like to do is control the stepper motor and have it pull on a lever. Under the lever will be an object I want to squish and the load cell under that. An endstop positioned at the bottom of the stroke and an endstop at the top of the stroke. While there is force being applied to the object, I'd like to have a readout on my computer of the amount being applied. A graph showing force over time would be perfect. There will have to be a button to zero the load scale reading and then start the stepper in the pulling direction. Once it reaches the endstop, reverses until the other endstop is hit and wait for the next button press.

Does this sound doable?

While mechanically and electrically inclined, I don't have a clue to go about putting together the code for the board and that is where I really could use some help.

If someone would be willing, I'd appreciate it.

PM sent.