Looking for arduino-controllable led matrix 12V sign


The closest item I could find on the internet is a 64x16 matrix led sign which operates on 5v:


I am looking for a similar thing but brighter! Operating voltage of 12v

Anybody heard of such a thing?


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12V does not help - standard LEDs still have a turn on voltage of 2.5V to 3.5V. You could make up your over version from 12V with say 3 LEDs in series per pixel arranged in a triangle.

High brightness LEDs with 15-20,000 mcd should be plenty bright (blindingly bright even). Buy a few from here and try them out http://www.dipmicro.com/store/index.php?page=1&act=viewCat&catId=511 Don't stare directly at them.

You want a matrix that uses 5050 SMD LEDs.

You could make your own with 16 strips of 64 of the smart WS2812B's. Really bright. Like, don't look directly at them for long bright.

Those dot matrices are basically 3mm LEDs.