Looking for larger Arduino Friendly LED Sign

A dot matrix led sign. Something about the size of maybe an exit sign. Will only display up to 3 digit numbers but has to be very readable from a 30ft distance.


LED matrix display - MD_Parola, MD_MAX72xx and MD_MAXPanel - Exhibition / Gallery - Arduino Forum

Parola for Arduino - LED Matrix with MAX7219 controller - YouTube

I always appreciate anyone who takes time to help. The display in that project seems to be too small for my application.

This one is my choice:

This one is my choice:




Hey these are pretty good. Thank you very much!

If you can get the information on how to program the DFROBOT 4x2 array (2 high, 4-long), I think that would
work for you and might actually be less expensive. I wish I could help you with that part but I just don't have
enough programming experience.