Looking for someone to make a pressure monitoring and adjustment system

I am trying to design a system for measuring and altering the air pressure inside a tyre.

The idea is that there will be a temperature and pressure sensor inside the tyre that will measure and relay the conditions inside the tyre, if the pressure exceeds what has been set remotely, then air should be released from the tyre until it is below the specified pressure.

I have little to no knowledge of coding so am looking for someone to collect the required parts and write the code themselves. Obviously I don’t expect this to be free so if you are interested please contact me.

Thanks, Kieran

Well, there are cheeper and more reliable solutions than doing it DIY with an arduino and all required parts (+ time).
Search for Tire-Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Doing an hypothetical prototype with arduino means:

  • chonk device
  • heavy (you need to balance the wheel afterwards)
  • money and time consuming
  • adjusting the pressure in real-time is even more complicated.

The code should be very straight forward for a beginner (no wireless). Making the hardware light-weight and wireless is the problem.
There are better already established solutions.

I have considered this before but I could not think of a way to release air from the tyre whilst using one of these pre-made systems

I would like to help you to write the program for this. Contact me through fiverr so we can discuss further.

The code is pretty simple: I've done similar for releasing overpressure in air compressors. However, if you intend to put this on an actual, rotating tire, then as giorgiogiorgio said, it will be woefully out of balance.

Now add to that custom mechanical hardware for either activating the valve stem (or completely replacing the stem) and the price skyrockets, so I really have to ask: what are you trying to accomplish here?

I was hoping that the weight of batteries, housings and components could be offset to each other to minimise the imbalance, but wheats can be added easily to resolve this issue.

The sim is that by having more control over the tyre pressure can gain a competitive advantage in motorsport as changing the pressure within the tyre will affect the temperature and grip of the tyre.

And to solve the cost issue I was hoping that a small in-expensive solenoid or actuator can be used to release air from the valve, this shouldn’t be too hard as the pressures aren’t that high (20-25 PSI or below)
(Edit: added paragraph)

My honest appraisal? Nothing about this is going to be cheap. Erase that word from your vocabulary.

You can field a prototype that will sort of work at low speeds (the tire balance problem) but by the time you've got something that's safe enough to drive on a public road, you'll have invested either hundreds of hours of your own time, or thousands of dollars of engineering costs. Then you've got another uphill battle to get it to survive a harsher racing environment where the weight matters even more.

It is also likely to be highly dangerous. A sticky solenoid or software bug and your hard working tyre goes flat. I wouldn't even contemplate it, not even if it was by a major manufacturer.

Perhaps this is something you need to examine.

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