Lux meter

Hi there, I’ve just bought an arduino, and I am trying to make a lux meter, I liked it be like the video showned bellow…

sorry am spanish and my english is not that good, so has anyone done a lux meter before in arduino?

kind Regards :smiley:

LDR might be a bit difficult to calibrate and is subject to temperature drift and things like that, but will work for a general measurement.

I'm going to be build one soon, the part I've picked up (and seen used for other lux meters) is a Lux-to-Frequency converter, TSL230R

It's marketed by Parallax and Radio Shack (got mine at RS for $1.99 on clearance rack), and is supposedly "the" sensor to use when it comes to illumination level measurement for hobby projects..

when are you thinking of starting? let me know when you finnish it!


Have you searched the forum yet ? e.g. or