M5 Stack max30100 heart rate / oximeter sensor problem


Usually I don’ t work with Arduino like controllers but I have some basic info since I use it time to time for art projects, please excuse me if I make mistakes in the usage of terminology.

I am having problems with max30100 series sensors. I know the story about faulty resistor issue with cheaper modules (I got a Max30102 module and didn t work at all) therefore I decided to buy this module to avoid hassle but of course I was wrong :slight_smile:


As you can see at images I2C connection between Arduino Uno and the module is pretty straight forward .

5v → 5v
SCL → SCL pin on Arduino or A5
SDA → SDA pin on Arduino or A4

I Used the code at the attachment which is an Arduino example for this specific module. LED on the module is not even blinking and it fails everytime to read data. I tried to use A5 and A4 combination as well but whenever I try this, it stucks at "“Initializing MAX30100…”.

Here is the link to module info and schematic.


I would really appreciate if someone could tell me where is my mistake or should I basically give up trying my luck with these modules and buy an another module (max30105 maybe). I spent 2 days to figure out and reading every article I found but couldn’t find a solution.

heartrate_oximeter_test.ino (1.68 KB)

The picture you posted is inadequate because it doesn't show all the connections.
A first suggestion would be to test each of your jumper wires for continuity; faulty jumpers do exist.