make up and down movement from servo

hi i want to create a useless box like this

for creating the box i want to use 2 servos, one for open the "door" and the other for turning of the switch

my question is : how i can make the servo do an "up and down" movement for opening and closing the door of the box?

i found some videos were they use some kind of linkage but i don't understand wich one to buy how i can find these pieces?

sorry for my bad english

I think they are just normal servo motors that can turn from 0 to 180 degrees.

Most servos come with a "servo horn" with a few arms with holes in to attach stiff wire linkages... Google image search for "servo horn" to see what I mean.

ok but i want a longer bar to attach to the horn like this how can i find something like this? i have to search for linkage but i have found a lot of different items what kind of linkage i have to search?

If you like spending money go to your Radio Control shop and they will sell you all the bits you could possibly need.

Otherwise get a piece of stiff copper wire and bend it with a pliers into a suitable shape. Or use a lollipop stick - Or .. Or ..