Making a 5 volt power supply

I can’t recall were I bought this 5 volt power kit from and can’t find a wiring diagram anywhere after much googling.
How would I breadboard the parts shown below for a 5 volt power supply?
Parts include a barrel jack plug, 2 1k resistors, 1 47uf capacitor, 1 220uf capacitor, 2 capacitors labeled K5M on one side and 104 on the other, 1 green led and one red led, 3 pole switch, 1 diode, lm7805c voltage regulator

Has anyone bought a similar kit or can you point me to a breadboard diagram?

Thanks guys.

Not sure why you have 4 caps, but check out

Good Luck!


...and can't find a wiring diagram anywhere after much googling.

What were you googling for? You have the parts for a generic run-of-the-mill 'three terminal regulator' type power supply and they are all basically the same. If you look at the parts connected to the power input jack on the Arduino schematic diagram you will find almost all of your components. The specific values aren't exactly the same but if you look at a few other schematics you will begin to see the pattern.


Not sure why you have 4 caps,

A big one and a little one on the regulator input and the same on the output.


Thanks, I’ll try the Sparkfun tutorial.

The main component is the 7805 regulator. Google that number and you get lots of info. Here is a data sheet for it (and its replacement), including reference circuits