MAMA (Machine for Ambient Music with Arduino)

This is my first real Arduino-project, created in the summer of 2014. It uses the Sparkfun Musical Instrument Shield for sound generation.

The goal was to try some simple algorithmic composing, where the environment would have an impact on the composition. To create a box that creates ambient music that you just plug in and leave there, letting it create music that always changes depending on the time of day, whether someone is in the room etc.

Although the composition algorithm is pretty simple, it can function as a framework for further experiments.

One of the main accomplishments was the creation of a sequencer function in Arduino, where I handle and sync 6 different voices.

You can read more and download the code at: Arduino | Oscillator



do you have some sound samples?

Thanks! Sorry, no. I thought about recording some but felt that it would kind of defy the whole idea of non-repeating algorithmic music! :slight_smile:

The algorithm is very simple and creates a kind of ambient space music -- made for company when I work or study.

As I feed (short) "environmentally" calculated sequences into my object based sequencer, one lesson I learned was that the small amount of RAM in the Arduino (Uno) is a problem. The solution was to have short sequences (they are put into arrays). I could also rewrite the function/method into pure mathematical sequences instead. Well, it was fun and I leardned a lot from this great computer!