Max7219 and 8X8 Matrix

My current project is a pinball machine and i have 10 max7219 chips and single colour 8x8 matrix boards.

i am having problems chosing which library would be best suited for my display. Is it possible to use the "Matrix" Library and create 10 classes, one for each chip, thus using 30 pins but with the benefit of sprite control. or would using 2 "LEDcontrol" classes be a better solution.

i have access to both freeduino's and arduino mega's so the number of pins is not problem.

Also i wish to use 8 7 segment displays which will require a further max7219 chip.


FWIW The LedControl lib was designed to support multiple MAX72xx chips. I don't think this is true for the Matrix lib.

I have made some test sketches with the Matrix lib and I've been using the LedControl lib in all of my matrix projects. Personally I prefer it.

cool thanks. is it possible to have more than one LED control object?