MCUFRIEND 3.5 TFT pin mapping between the shield and the LCD

I am looking for the pin mapping of the 40 pins flexible cable between the shield and the LCD. Because, I would like to control the leds with the arduino card via a transistor.
It’s a MCUFRIEND 3.5’ TFT 480*320 , with a 1581 ( //R61581) controller.
I found a PDF file on the forum where J7 has a lot like mine, but I’m not sure it’s good, and it’s incomplete …

Thank you

3.5-lcd-sch.pdf (43.4 KB)

Go on. You have a TFT module with a model number printed on it. Google might find the pinout.

You can find several schematics with 40-pin ribbons. Just do your own detective work. It should be easy to identify the data bus to verify. And identify the Backlight LED pins.


Thank you for your answer, it helped me a lot. Really.
I had searched before but without finding, hence my post.