MEGA 2560 + Ethernet Shield + Ramps 1.6

I want to attach 2 different shied onto MEGA 2560; ethernet shield & Ramps 1.6. This is for my 3D printer control over the network. I added a photo for that.

My question is that;

  • Can I connect & control both shields at the same time?
  • Should I bridge all empty connections to Ramps 1.6?

I am using Marlin 3D printer firmware. Which code should I integrate?

If someone had experience and share, I will appreciate.

Adding an ethernet "shield" will be fraught with issues as some of the pin allocations will already be in use with the RAMPS board.

Then there would be the ethernet library integration which would also be problematic.

Wi-Fi or bluetooth would be a better option as that approach has been done.