MEGA 2560 R3 USB port problem

After 3 months programme development, motherboard redesign, learning the language, with 0022 IDE & MEGA 2560 R2, I have just purchased the first production batch of motherboards and MEGA 2560 [u]BUT R3[/u], and cannot communicate with the MEGAs to pre-load progs in ! Has the chip set/comms routine changed?? Searches in the Arduino site & Forum yield no response. HELP!!!!!! AuldNick :(

Panick over! ( I hope). I downloaded Arduino 1.0 & asked Windows Device Manager to add drivers from 1.0 's Driver folder. Leading Distributors are selling R2 & R3 versions so I hope other newbies like me don't get a mixed batch. I didnt launch Arduino 1.0 IDE as I have dozens of .pde development files & didn't fancy re-labeling them all! Thankfull I can still run 0022 to R2 or R3 boards with my 'old' .pde files. I hope that this may help any other new users out there caught in mid-flight with a mix of R2 & R3 boards. :blush:

Yes, I have seen the exact same thing...Developing and running apps with Mega 2560 R2 and Arduino development environment Alpha 0022 and just received Mega 2560 R3 and my XP systems would not accept the R3 board.

The solution I used, and you as well, was to dnld the current development environment V1.0 and install the following driver: \arduino\arduino-1.0\drivers\Arduino MEGA 2560 Rev3.inf. Seems to work fine....

One observation: On my XP system the initial plugging in of the R3 board caused the '? unknown device' to show up in the Other Devices directory of the Device Manager. It was not till after I installed the R3 driver that it moved it to the Ports (Com & LPT) directory and identified it as: Arduino Mega 2560 R3. XP also assigned it another Com port which is different than the Com Port assigned to the R2 version.

Going back and inserting a R2 board and developing with that did not turn up any problems.

Hope this help someone in the future...The only problem is that you will have wasted time scratching your head over this one.....

/Rant ON!!! And why the bloody hell did you change the file extension from .PDE to .INO and not provide an easy way to deal with existing applications????? /Rant OFF


This was very helpful, I just got a MEGA 2560 and an ethernet shield ...I couldn't get it installed and then I came across this thread and the info here me sorted.


For Windows 8.1 users, having Port Serial problem,

follow this, helped with this problem 100% for me..:

Credit to: beachedwhale

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