MindWave and Arduino


I am new to the Arduino world and I need a help to go farther in my graduation project :frowning: .

I am trying to connect an RF dongle from NeroSky as in the attachment to receive EEG signal from the headset, they use Uno and a level converter piece which I can not found where I live, instead, I have Due Arduino.

Q1: I read that Uno Arduino operates at 5V and Due operate at 3.3 V ( RF dangle need 3V to operate), so can I use Due and connected to the dangle directly? or the level converter piece have some benefit?

Q2: Is there a possibility to connect wires to Arduino to pass the analog signal to a microprocessor or to visualize it through an oscilloscope, and how?

Thank you in advance, any help will be appreciated.

MindWave stand-alone operation.pdf (229 KB)