Mini Breadboard help - totally new to arduino / electronics

Hi All,

Just received my Mega and a starter kit of electronics. I'm up and running, no electronics experience but I am a programmer so that side is no problem to me. I've finished the blinking LED tutorial and I was just moving onto the digital switch when I realised my mini breadboard is completely different to the one shown and it has no indicators at all as to where things should go or how to work with it.

Image is below, can some kind person tell me where to put the power and ground and in which direction they will go? (vertical or horizontal)

Some form of tutorial on how to use these mini boards in depth would be much appreciated, I'm paranoid I'm going to break my shiny new board :fearful:

The connections are in columns of five (relative to your photo's orientation), the mini breadboard has no power rails so you'll have to use some of the columns for power.

Thanks Mark,

While I'm messing about with the breadboard is there any chance of doing damage to my arduino board? It might take a bit of trial and error to get the right connections in the right place

Incidentally I found a tutorial on doing this using the same mini breadboard I have, linked below if anyone else has similar difficulties