MKR 1010 vs MKR 1000 - any code changes needed?

I have projects that work on the MKR 1000.

Currently the MKR 1010 is less expensive than the 1000 (as a side note, maybe someone can explain why).

Can I take existing code that runs on the 1000, recompile for the 1010 and move forward? Or will there be code changes needed?


The difference between the two boards that is relevant to your code is that they use different Wi-Fi radios which require different libraries.

The MKR 1000 uses the WiFi101 library: Arduino - WiFi101
The MKR WiFi 1010 uses the WiFiNINA library: Arduino - WiFiNINA

The two libraries have a very similar API, so it's easy enough to convert a sketch written for the WiFi101 library over to using the WiFiNINA.

Other than that difference, in the case of sketches that don't use a Wi-Fi library, you should have no problems running the same code on either board.

Thank you.

You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance. Enjoy!